One of the basic kinds of activity of our company is designing and manufacture metal constructions. Our enterprise has capacities in a northeast part of Estonia. With necessity to focus, and also to optimize activity of a marketing department and the control over quality of servicing, it has been decided to create a trade company Eurotrade Baltic. It is based completely on the Estonian capital. Eurotrade Baltic has begun the work in 2007 and has already successfully proved in the European market of metal products. We cooperate and we carry on simultaneously negotiations with many European countries, where we represent high-quality production of our Estonian factories of manufacturers. Eurotrade Baltic is ready to carry out projects of various complexity in optimum terms, in two basic areas:
•   Designing and manufacturing with further delivery metal containers intended for transportation of household and dangerous cargoes, any updating offered by the client.

•   The modernized technologies enable us to make building metal constructions high quality, volumes up to 700 tons of production a month.

The success of activity of our company is defined by the professional, vigorous and rallied collective of employees, and also skill to offer the customer the most convenient and favorable conditions. We try to satisfy requirements of each Customer and are ready to offer you not only standard variants of execution of buildings, but also development, and also realization of special projects, using high technologies of building designing, we are ready to excel at cooperation with each client, optimization of cost and quality of our production, irrespective of complexity of their execution.